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Rich production experience and quality control

Before mass production, we will evaluate orders and make corresponding plans according to your order requirements and lead time, and will arrange suitable workers, equipment and processes and timely procurement of materials to complete the order on time and in quality and quantity

Our experience team working ensure the product quality and production efficiency of your order.

Professional Production Process

manufacturing the stylish PET TOY and other products with masterful skills.

Quality Control and Testing

A quality product begins with details

Beauty home focus on quality control to make sure our pet toy and other product meet production standards and order requirements. Each small detail from the button to the motor will be tested before and after assembling.

We will detect and control the quality problem at the earliest stage of production to guarantee the shipping times and mass production.

Equited with advance automatic machine

Thanks to all advanced testing and manufacturing equipment and professional production team, all of our products always maintain relatively high product quality and receive fewer complaints.

Beauty home is always investing in and using the most advanced production equipment and cultivating a batch of serious and professional design and engineering teams in the pet product industry.

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