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Beauty Home has a dedicated R&D department responsible for tracking market and industry trends.

We will update your product portfolio based on popular pet toys or pet supplies in the global market. You can take advantage of any upward trend that may lead to high profit margins.


Product Design

We have designers who can provide professional advice for your design or improve certain aspects of the concept to help achieve any business goal.

Through more than 100 pet toy design experiences made by our designers, we can help you understand the target market through our design review service.

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Applying Free Samples

You can ask us to provide free prototypes or samples of our pet products. We can send customized and non-customized samples to show you our production quality and technology.

Our prototype can help you decide which Pet product to use and reduce the possibility of production errors..

Efficient Manufacturing

With many years manufacturing experience, we have simplified the production process of pet toys and ensured that they are in good condition before shipment.

Our production efficiency allows us to complete orders within 10 to 15 days on average, which is faster than our competitors. You can shorten the delivery time on bulk orders at our speed.

Pet toy Manufacturing
Pet toy package

Custom Packaging

All our pet toys can come with their own customized packaging. We have a design team that can make attractive or practical packaging, such as decorative cardboard boxes, plastic with cardboard labels, cardboard boxes with windows, and much more.

Exquisite packaging will surely drive your sales.

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